90, Glasgow, Glasgow Art Club, perspective drawing of design for the hall

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Pencil, 230x160mm.

The drawing represents the hall of Glasgow Art Club as executed in 1892-3 (see also p.99). The Glasgow Art Club commissioned the work from the firm of John Honeyman and Keppie, for whom Mackintosh was working, in 1892. John Keppie was in charge of the scheme for which Mackintosh designed many decorative details. Amongst these was the frieze which is indicated in a schematic way on the drawing. It has been suggested that Mackintosh may have used his drawing of the porch of Santa Maria delle Grazie as a model for his arches (see p. 56) (Roger Billcliffe, ‘Charles Rennie Mackintosh:the complete furniture, furniture drawings & interior designs’ (London: Lutterworth Press, 1979), pp.28-9) (see also p. 99).

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