84, Antwerp, studies of the Vleeshuis

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Inscribed ‘WINDOW JAMB/ DOOR JAMB’, pencil, 230x160mm.

The Vleeshuis was the headquarters of the butchers’ guild. It was built by Herman de Waghemkere between 1501 and 1504. The late-gothic structure employs the Flemish technique of ‘larding’ masonry, with alternate layers of white stone and red brick. In 1891 it was the home and studio of the painter Nicolas de Keyser. In the right side of his elevation of the Vleeshuis (centre), rather than repeating the window pattern on the left, Mackintosh has filled the space with an enlarged detail of the elaborate buttress which is a feature of the centre of this façade. He has also drawn three keyed profiles of the buttress (top right). The other details in Mackintosh’s sketch are: a dormer window and window jamb (left); and the door jamb of the main entrance (bottom right).

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