28 and 29, Brescia, study of Sant’Agostino

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Inscribed ‘A BRICK HOUSE BRESCIA’ and other notes in pencil, 16th June 1891, 230x160mm.

The early fifteenth century gothic church of Sant’Agostino stands to the north of the Broletto, at Vicolo Sant’Agostino 2. It is constructed almost entirely of brick with fine moulded details. It appeared in several nineteenth century architectural history texts familiar to Mackintosh, e.g. James Fergusson’s ‘A History of Architecture in all countries…’, vol. 2 (1874), pp. 360-1.

Mackintosh’s detailed drawing covers all the major features of the building. On the left-hand sheet: the west façade (centre); the circular window (bottom); the cornice (right top); the jamb of the upper window (right centre); the string course and base moulding (bottom right). On the right-hand sheet: the door head (top); and the moulding of the jamb of the door (bottom left).

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