17, Verona, Sant’Anastasia, study of interior bay

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Inscribed ‘S. ANISTASIA [sic]/VERONA’, with other notes in pencil, 230x160mm.

This large Dominican gothic church was erected between 1290 and 1323 to the designs of Fra Benvenuto da Bologna and Fra Nicolo da Imola.

Mackintosh would have been familiar with Sant’Anastasia from James Fergusson’s 'A History of Architecture in all countries…', vol. 2(1874), p. 326, where it is described as ‘one of the purest and most perfect types of an Italian Gothic church’ and where a similar drawing of a bay appears. Mackintosh has, however, noted the bands of painted ornamentation against a plain white ground, not featured in Fergusson’s illustration, but mentioned in George Edmund Street’s 'Notes of a Tour in Northern Italy' (1855), p. 97, as a major feature of the interior.

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