1, Verona, study of Castelvecchio and part of Ponte Scaligero, two chimneys and a balcony

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Inscribed ‘NOTES FROM VERONA’, ‘A VERONESE CHIMNEY’, and ‘A BALCONY’, with other notes in pencil, 230x160mm

Castelvecchio and Ponte Scaligero (bottom) were built in brick by the Scaligeri family, 1354-1375. Mackintosh drew the central section of the castle showing its keep added in 1375 and part of the crenellated bridge which connects it to the north bank of the River Adige. In the 1890s the castle was in use as a barracks.

The two chimneys (top left and top right) are typical of many in Verona; the balcony (right centre) is untraced.

Modern Photo

Modern location photo