83, Antwerp, studies of two doorways

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Inscribed ‘ANTWERP’, pencil, 230x160mm.

The doorway (top) is untraced, however, there are several similar Italianate entrances belonging to guildhouses on Gildekamersstraat, which, prior to the construction of the Stathuis (town hall) in the sixteenth century, formed the west side of the Grote Markt. Several buildings along this street have been demolished since the 1890s and the subject of Mackintosh’s sketch may have belonged to one of these.

The sketch (bottom) including the drawing of the jamb closely resembles a door at the Steen. However, although the line of the lintel is similar to that on the drawing, the carving above it is missing. The Steen has been constantly altered since its purchase by the city in 1842 and much restoration and reconstruction work was carried out during the 1950s, several architectural features being salvaged and reused.

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